ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility

Although ESP8266 WiFi module can be configured with AT Commands Set that are built-in the firm ware of the module however there is an easier way to do the same using our ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility.

You will have to first make your ESP module compatible with TTL communication standard as the ESP module by default operates on 3.3v for communication and power.

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Next you have to connect the ESP module with your computer for quick setup you can use PL2303 or any compatible USB to TTL interface to achieve this.

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At this point you can use a terminal program or serial monitor facility of Arduino IDE to communicate with ESP module and configure it using AT Commands Set.

However, setting up ESP module with AT Commands Set is not a convenient option as it is time consuming and it is difficult to memorise all¬† the required AT commands to get the task done and it really gets annoying when you quickly need to change some setting in the ESP module and you can’t remember the relevant command . So we came up with another option and designed a simple to use ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility.

ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility

ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility

ESP8266 Configuration Utility

For ease of use we have divided the software screen into segments as shown below

ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility

Software Description

Step by Step Setup Guide

Step 1: Connect ESP8266 with PL2303 USB to TTL Interface (click here for detailed information)

Step 2: Connect PL2303 to your computer (we are assuming that the driver for PL2303 has already been installed)

Step 3: Go to device manger and check which COM PORT the device is connected to


Step 4: In the ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility enter the com port and click connect (Baud Rate is 115200 by default)

Communication Settings

That’s it…

You are now ready to setup your ESP8266 WiFi Module

ESP8266 WiFi Module Configuration Utility

ESP8266 Setup Utility 03

Click here to download this software for free

Absar A. Ansari


  1. Dear mr Ansari,
    This seems like a very useful configuration utility. Where can I download this to try it myself?

      • The utility works just grear, very simple to use and very informative.
        One little improvement might be to be able to disconnect after being connected.
        And do you know why my esp8266 is just working fine in your utility but doesn’t respond when I use putty? (same connection parameters)

        • ESP8266 requires end of line characters to recognise the command, maybe putty is not inserting \n\r characters at the end of each command… try it out and let me know the results
          Also your suggestion is much appreciated, I will let you know when the suggested addition has been made

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