How To Backup WordPress Site

Creating constant backups of your WordPress website is necessary and one of the best defences against any type of security threat toward your site. But creating backup of html folder is just not enough when it comes to a WordPress site as much of crucial data is stored in database at other locations. Although there are many plugins available for site backup, I have found them slow and unreliable when it comes to restoring the site (which is the entire purpose of site backup), so I am going to write about manually how to backup your WordPress site, don’t worry its not as difficult as it seems and any ways, whats the harm in learning a new technique of how to backup your WordPress site that ensures that the power of backup stays in your hands and not some unknown plugin.

So here is a step by step guide of how to backup your WordPress site manually in a few easy steps.

How to backup your WordPress site manually

Step 1:

locate File Manager and click it as shown below (remember, the image may be different depending the hosting you are using but rest assured file manager would be there somewere)

how to backup your WordPress site

File Manager on your website CPanel


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Step 2:

  • Select the public_html folder (again this can be different depending on your host can be www or simply html)
  • Right click and select compress
  • choose zip file and start compression
how to backup your WordPress site

select public_html

right click and compress folder


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Step 3:

  • You will see a compressed zip file in your root directory
  • select the zip file
  • and press download as shown below


Your files are backed up, now lets move to the next step to secure database of your WordPress site.

Step 4 (backing up site database):

  • Go to Cpanel of your website
  • click on Backup Wizard
how to backup your WordPress site

Backup Wizard

Step 5:

  • Click Backup Button

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Step 6:

  • Click MySQL Database button

Step 7:

  • Click on database name and it should start downloading automatically.



That’s it !!!!!! your WordPress site and database are all backed up.

Make sure to keep the downloaded files in a safe location as they are the only backup you have if your website is attacked or deleted by anyone.

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Absar A. Ansari


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