How to Manually Restore WordPress Site from Backup

It can be a nightmare if you find out one day that your website is gone due to some server error or has been hacked and wiped cleaned by hackers. The only protection against such events is properly maintained website backup. Here is a step by step guide on how to restore WordPress site from backup.

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Step 1:

  • Log in to CPanel of your website
  • Click File Manager (the looks may be different depending on which file hosting you are using)
How to restore WordPress site from backup

File Manager on your CPanel

Step 2:

  • Click Upload as shown in the image
  • select backup zip file and press ok
How to restore WordPress site from backup

File Upload

WP Engine Hosting

Step 3:

  • Your backup zip file will be uploaded
  • Select and right click on the zip file
  • Click on Extract
  • click on Extract Files

Extract Compressed Zip File

Step 4:

  • Once your public_html folder has been extracted go inside the folder
  • look around you will find a file named  wp-config.php right click on it and select view
  • The file will open in a new window just let it be for the time being


Step 5:

  • Go back to Cpanel and click on Backup Wizard

How to restore WordPress site from backup

Step 6:

  • Click on Restore
  • Next click on MySQL Database
  • Now click on Upload File
  • Select file from your hard drive (it will look something like websitename_wp475.sql.gz)
  • Press upload button

Click Restore

Click MySQL Database

Choose file to upload and then upload it

The screen you see if every thing goes well


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Step 7:

  • Go back to CPanel and click on MySQL Database

Step 8:

  • Remember the file we opened for viewing in STEP 4? open that tab
  • there should be following or similar data there
/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'yourwebsite_wp475');

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'somepassword');
  • This is the database and user information (very Important)
  • Go to MySQL User Add New User section
  • Fill up above information as shown below

Step 9:

  • Click on Add User to Database

Click Add

  • You will see the following screen
  • Check All Privileges
  • Click Make Changes  button

Click All Privilages and press Make Changes button


That’s it your website has been restored and you have learned how to restore WordPress site from backup


Have Fun…

Absar A. Ansari


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